Mining & Correctional Facilities

Quality Lighting Increases Overall Safety and Exposes Threats.


Correctional facilities are typically turbulent and potentially dangerous environments. LED solutions are advantageous in comparison to fluorescent lighting, primarily because they are far more efficient.

Logistically, having to replace and conduct routine maintenance on these fixtures can be problematic. Prisoners will likely need to moved from block to block during the process, which present obvious safety risks.

LED dramatically reduces downtime and is much less labor intensive than traditional lighting. Needham Electric Supply offers cost effective LED solutions that assist correctional facilities in reaching safety goals while providing industry leading technology.

Insufficient lighting has been a major challenge in underground mining. Uneven ground, tight spaces, and rigid surfaces that don’t reflect light well make underground sites difficult to navigate.

With these factors in mind, it comes as no surprise that underground mines are widely considered one of the most difficult environments to illuminate. Falling rock and other striking hazards make proper lighting imperative.

At Needham Electric Supply, we pride ourselves on providing innovative lighting solutions that help our customers overcome challenges that compromise safety and detriment business performance.

We stock the latest lighting technology from global leaders to assist miners in making underground sites easier to navigate.

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