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The right lighting enhances comfort!



Lighting for Hospitality

Whether your guests are visiting on vacation to escape the rigors of everyday life, on a business trip from a busy career, or simply passing by and in need of a good night’s rest, you want to meet them where they are and delight them with a rewarding stay.

To achieve your home away from home experience, Needham will help create an atmosphere of familiarity where comfort and safety are our lighting priorities.

We understand the critical value that lighting and general atmospherics have on crafting an ambiance that is conducive towards a range of experiences.

In the realm of Hospitality, it is vital that the proper lighting and controls are administered to provide visitors with a welcoming and tranquil sense of comfort. Special consideration needs to be given in regards to lighting various areas of your hotel, motel, or resort to foster a stimulating and safe environment.



HealthCare Lighting

Proper lighting is imperative in the healthcare industry. Safety is atop our list of priorities and we hold a strong commitment toward providing industry leading solutions to assist our partners in healthcare with their lighting needs.

Lighting for healthcare facilities should supply quality illumination while adhering to infection and sanitation standards.

We maintain a humanist approach to healthcare lighting and are acutely aware of which areas in medical settings should receive varying levels of illumination.

With so many variables that factor into providing quality patient care, expertise in properly lighting your facility is mandatory.



  • Exterior and entrance¬†providing safety.
    An adequately lit exterior is mandatory.
  • Hallways, lobbies and public areas¬†providing relief.
    Applying satisfactory light levels is calming to this marketplace.
  • Rooms and Privacy¬†providing satisfaction.
    Efficiency, durability and friendly lighting is evident to this clientele.

At Needham Electric Supply, we embrace the challenges to achieve your lighting goals.

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