Mining Lighting underground with large industrial machinery hooked up to cave walls.


We provide a versatile array of solutions for the Mining Industry

  • Lighting and Sustainabilty
  • Safety
  • Wire and Cable
  • Capital Projects
  • MRO Projects
  • Communications and Security


The mining industry is met with challenges that are common to other industries, yet uniquely complex due to intense conditions in rough atmospheres. With operations costs increasing rampantly and a decreasing talent pool, decision makers have to emphasize efficiency, safety, and social responsibility.

Fortunately, mining is well suited to utilize emerging technologies to meet these critical demands. Safety and Mining are inseparable. Mediocre mining lighting leads to a multitude of adverse effects on the health of workers underground.

Insufficient lighting has been a major challenge in underground mining. Uneven ground, tight spaces, and rigid surfaces that don’t reflect light well make underground sites difficult to navigate.

With these factors in mind, it comes as no surprise that underground mines are widely considered one of the most difficult environments to illuminate. Falling rock and other striking hazards make proper mining lighting imperative.

At Needham Electric Supply, we pride ourselves on providing innovative lighting solutions that help our customers overcome challenges that compromise safety and detriment business performance.

We stock the latest lighting technology from global leaders to assist miners in making underground sites easier to navigate.


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